This outdoor workshop took place in a rustic garden surrounded by centuries-old walls and fruit trees, located near Lecco Lake (IT).

This model can be proposed for further workshops on request! Would you like to organize a Hatha Yoga workshop? Do you have a Yoga/Dance studio, a retreat center, a festival, a house, A GARDEN? Just send me a mail and we can talk about it!

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Relax during these two hours of Hatha Yoga and regenerate yourself in the greenery. Take this time to devote to yourself in a peaceful environment that arouses peace and harmony. Especially for those who want to calm the mind, learn breathing and relaxation techniques, improve their posture and gradually gently increase the flexibility and tone of the whole body. Ending with tibetan bells sound bath. The practice is aimed at everyone, you do not need to be an expert in Yoga. After the practice, we will be able to share the experience and drink a herbal tea.