“Be in the world with presence and simplicity, and recognize that innate joy that lives there.”


Moving Joy

“When I come to perceive the body as a fluid event, this is where I free myself and find myself embraced by joy”


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Are you seeking for a cozy group where to practice  joy of being, foster connection and vitality going back to your body?

We meet twice a month, welcome to join us at anytime!

This ongoing class guide a group of people with a regular practice, in exploring different themes such as presence, embodiment, energy field, felt sense, movement, vibration, unconditional joy, consciousness.

I provide for a safe inclusive space!


2024 February 8th, 29th, March 21st, 28th,
April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

đź•• Thursdays, twice a month
⏰ IN ENGLISH 7-8 PM CET/ 6-7 PM UK / 1-2 PM ET
đź“Ť Online via Zoom


Open-minded souls, dance artists, musicians, healers, health ambassadors, scientists, and whoever is into self-exploration and inquiry.


My field of interests and research is about the human and nature. And touches arts, science, spirituality, philosophy.
The main purpose is in moving into a deeper connection to yourself and your human nature, through exploring the body and mind. So into inner and outer connection we heal.
We aim to create a supportive community that fosters personal growth, creativity, and a deeper connection with oneself and others.


Moving Joy is an embodied journey that dives into the profound connections between the body and mind. By proposing a diverse range of conscious practices and including both movement and sitting meditations.
This practice stems from my passion for exploring well-being not just as an individual journey, but as a collective vision of flourishing - a concept known as EUDAIMONIA.

Monica Gentile

Monica Gentile is a Dancer and Choreographer, Yoga and Qi Gong Teacher. She is a researcher in the field of movement and improvisational dance with a somatic approach.

She is a researcher of Spirituality as a Way and a return to naturalness. She cultivates healthy lifestyles and awareness, “being” in the world with presence. She nourishes the search for interiority.

“You can create a better world by doing work on yourself”.

She nurtures an approach that integrates her artistic, creative experience with spirituality and helping relationship.

“I want to meet the other in the space of listening, care, awareness, beyond the thinking mind.

I want to rejoice as a reflection of the joy of others “.

What I do

About the Class

Moving Joy is a life practice and my main goal that gets me to wake up every morning. They are continuous lessons to return to yourself, through connection with the body and interiority. Training the mind to observe the body and refine the embodied experience.
Moving Joy is the practice of experiencing the union of the Body-Mind, in a perception of oneself free from an idea or a form.

I like to combine my expertises as a dance artist and traditions from Taoism to Buddhism, nuances to experience being in the body and feeling joy.


In the various sessions we will explore conscious movement and full attention to the body (Mindfullness of the body), in a union between:

  • Qigong
  • Moving and dancing meditations
  • Sitting meditation
  • Practices of Taoist internal smile and unconditional laughter
  • Sounding and vocalising
  • Somatic exploration of the body’s Meridians according to MCA (Ancient Chinese Medicine)
  • Discussions and sharing


5 Element Cycles
We’ll explore the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 5 element cycles, delving into the interplay of guided movement sequences inspired by Qi Gong and free dancing. This exploration aims to enhance vitality, energy, and harmony within.
Dynamic and Static Meditation
Discover the art of centering through dynamic and static meditation, allowing you to cultivate a profound connection with the present moment.
Unconditional Laughter
Embody joy through Unconditional Laughter, an integral part of the practice. Laughter Yoga exercises will be woven in, creating an atmosphere of playfulness and shared positivity.
Vocal expression
Free your unique voice through the exploration of vocalisations and powerful vibrations that lead to dissolving blocks and releasing emotions.

Structure of Each Class

  • 5/10 Min introduction
  • 45 Min Movement practice
  • 10 Min sharing or discussion

Benefits of Moving Joy

  • Strengthen the Body-Mind
  • Harmonise Movement
  • Improve Breathing
  • Bring mental freedom
  • Stimulate hormons such as Serotonin and Ossitocin
  • Augment Self-Esteem
  • Feeling full of life
  • This practice turns us into bright, smiling, and grateful humans
  • Activate Mirror Neurons
  • Keep the Vagal Nerve healthy

How to attend

Participate by sending an email to macrema2@yahoo.it with your full name, and email.
In the subject of the email write "I participate in Moving Joy Practice".
You will then receive the Zoom link via email.

Please specify whether you will participate via Zoom or whether you would like to record.

If you can't attend a few days after the live I will send you the recording via email and you will have about 2 weeks to watch it, by the next session.

This is based on PAY WHAT YOU CAN via Paypal: macrema2@yahoo.it

Thanks to your generosity I can offer my presence and my time, I can dedicate myself to the research, planning, and preparation of each unique meeting, minimum suggested donation of 8 Euros per lesson. You can donate to multiple consecutive meetings as long as you specify it, the donation it’s not optional!

Let's work together

Monica grazie per la bella lezione di questa mattina. Tutte le volte mi dico..ma perché mi devo alzare che si sta cosi a letto…però poi mi sento bene, mi sento più leggera, specialmente quando ci fai ridere, mi sembra di ringiovanire. Mi è piaciuto molto quando hai detto che quando ridiamo il diaframma si muove e stimola il cuore, praticamente lo fa ridere…che bello !!! Non ci avevo mai pensato, mi è piaciuto tanto, grazie ancora


Ho iniziato con la mia stanchezza, ma devo dire che stamattina mi sento piena di energia. La sensazione è di iniziare la giornata di buonumore


Quando abbiamo iniziato a praticare la risata incondizionata ho sentito di iniziare a lasciare andare le tensioni ed ho iniziato ad aprirmi, espandermi…abbiamo appena finito l’ultimo incontro di questo percorso di Risveglio gioioso, sento ancora la sensazione forte di espansione del mio corpo e di leggerezza