Welcome to Moving Joy

My name is Monica Gentile. My journey of embodied self-discovery started with dance at the tender age of four and the exploration has continued for more than 30 years through the fields of martial arts, movement research, Yoga, Qi Gong, and somatics.

I work professionally as a Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer, Yoga and Qi Gong Teacher, Leader and Ambassador of Laughter Yoga, and Researcher in the field of somatic movement.

Below is more information about me and my offerings. Please get in touch with any questions.

I want to meet the other in the space of listening, awareness, beyond the thinking mind.

It is an honor to be at the service of my purpose to lead in being present to what is already there. I call it my IKIGAI.

Being aware of one's life energy gives and reveals the joy inherent in each of us.

I wake up every morning to honor this body with care, so that it can support this life that is given to me.

My deepest wish is to facilitate in people their innate ability for self-discovery, joy and creative energy.

First, let’s get to know each other with a short call, we will then discover and co-create a unique path for your own healing and self-realization:

Trainings and Traditions

  • Monica trained as a dancer from the tender age of 4 in Classical and Contemporary Dance.
  • She studied also Butoh Dance and Contact Improvisation in Bologna and Berlin.
  • She is co-creator of Listening Bodies along with Therapeutic Musician and Composer Michael Reiley.
  • For a decade she has had experience in teaching Hatha Yoga.
  • She attended the ISYCO School of Hatha Yoga in Bologna, through the Department of Oriental Studies of the University of Turin where she obtained the Hatha Yoga Teacher Diploma.
  • As a dancer she approaches Yoga with extensive experience in body movement and a good knowledge of Indian anatomy and physiology.
  • Studied Yoga at a very young age in Italy and Kerala, India.
  • Laughter Yoga Leader certified by Laughter Yoga University, with three years of experience working in a hospital with patients suffering from chronic pain and post-traumatic disorders at Immanuel Klinik Am See hospital in Rudersdorf, Berlin (DE).
  • She received the title of Laughter Yoga Ambassador directly from the Master and Doctor Madan Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga.
  • She trained as a Medical Qi Gong Teacher and Ancient Chinese Medicine at the Due Cieli School in Turin with Maestro Vincenzo Cesale.
  • She is also martial arts practitioner (Kung fu and Aikido) for years.
  • Other jobs included two times working as a shepherd in Switzerland and Northern Italy, and a WOOF-ing volunteer on farms in Costa Rica and the Canary Islands.
  • Over the years she has practiced Zazen meditation and Vipassana meditation, attending Theravada Buddhist monasteries in Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia.