This workshop took place during winter 2019, at the Lake studios berlin, workshop info:

This model can be proposed for further workshops on request! Would you like to organize a Hatha Yoga workshop? Do you have a Yoga/Dance studio, a retreat center, a festival, a house? Just send me a mail and we can talk about it!

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: During this 7 classes, we will work with Asanas (postures) of Hatha Yoga, paying attention to precision in execution, alignment, duration of positions and with Kriyas (movements) to loosen the joints and tone muscles. With the practice of Pranayama we learn to expand the breathing capacity and our vital force. Ending with a guided relaxation and meditation. Each class is characterized by gradualism and dynamism. You can relax and regenerate during each 1.30h Hatha Yoga session. Take time to dedicate to yourself in a peaceful environment that inspires peace and harmony. This workshop  is for all level, especially for those who want to calm the mind, learn breathing and relaxation techniques, improve their posture and gradually gently increase the flexibility and tone of the whole body. NAMASTE

Photo Credits: Julian Rizzon