Since 2016 i have been offering Laughter Yoga in my lovely northern italian hometown Crema. Each WORKSHOP take place in Yoga studios or PUBLIC GARDENS according to the season. The Laughter Yoga community of Crema is growing and in 2018 i was invited to lead a session in the Yoga Festival of Crema.

This model can be proposed for further workshops on request! Would you like to organize a Laughter Yoga workshop? Do you have a studio, a retreat center, a festival, a house, a public or private event or you want to CELEBRATE life? Just send me a mail and we can talk about it!


Laughter improve self-esteem and interpersonal relationships, it has a rejuvenating effect and a longer lifespan!
In each workshop the act of laughing is accompanied by the rhythmic clapping and spontaneous movement, combined with breathing exercises and by brief meditation pauses. Laughing reactivates the energies of the body. LAUGHTER YOGA is a unique method to laugh for no reason, rediscovering the inner child that lives within us. This brings positivity in our life, improves relationships.
If we laugh, we activate the emotion of happiness and joy in our body. Emotions have a direct influence on the immune system, therefore our brain produces endorphins, substances that make us feel immediately better. Constantly practicing Laughter Yoga helps to discover a better way to react to unexpected and difficult situations in life.


Yoga della Risata ai giardini pubblici di Crema;

Festival dello Yoga di Crema